Pitch Parade

Pitch Parade is an app for training and testing perfect pitch, the ability to identify a musical note without the aid of a reference tone.

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Supported Features

  • This app runs on iPhone. To check if your device and/or OS version is supported, please visit this app’s page on the Apple App Store.
  • Simple, beautiful and easy to use design.
  • 84 real grand piano sounds spanning 7 octaves.
  • Separate Play and Test modes.
  • Option to select any combination of the octaves.
  • Supports 7 levels of proficiency (Pro feature).
  • Guest Mode to let your friends have a go at the test (Pro feature).
  • No sign-in or account needed to use the app.
  • There are no ads or unnecessary pop ups.
  • We respect your privacy. The app does not send us any form of information.


User Interface

  • Display Board – Shows the plus (green) and minus (red) scores, accuracy, name of the tone being played, and a row of octave badges (♫).
  • Octave Buttons – Allow you to select from octaves 1 to 7.
  • Music Keys – To answer the questions during the Test session as well as to play the musical tones.
  • Info Button – Shows the information screen.
  • Stats Button – Shows the Test session statistics (only in the Pro version of the app).
  • Replay Button – Replays the question while in the Test mode.
  • Next Button – To proceed to the next question.
  • Start/Stop Button – To start and stop the Test session.

Test Mode

To start the Test session, select one or more of the octaves by tapping the Octave Buttons 1 to 7, and press the Start button.

You will be presented with a series of randomly chosen musical tones from the selected octaves. Press the Replay button to hear the question again.

Use the appropriate Music keys to answer the question. Depending on whether the answer is correct or not, the plus or minus score will be incremented. To terminate the session, press the Stop button.

Play Mode

In the play mode, the music keys play the corresponding musical tones from the chosen octaves when tapped.

When more than one octave is selected, each key cycles through the respective tones from each of those octaves sequentially with each successive tap. If a different key is tapped, corresponding tone from the same octave is played.

For example, if octaves 3, 5 and 7 are selected, with each tap of the key “C”, the tones played would be C3, C5, C7, C3 and so on. While the “C” key is playing C5, if the “D” key is tapped, it will just play D5.

Upgrade To Pro

You can upgrade the app to the Pro version by clicking the Upgrade To Pro button on the Stats screen.

If you had already upgraded to the Pro vesion, but reinstalled the app or want to apply the upgrade on a different device that you own, please click the Restore Purchase button.

Badges And Stats

Accuracy against an octave is computed every time you attempt at least 12 questions from that octave during a Test session. Shorter sessions are completely ignored.

Each octave has an associated badge, appearing at the bottom of the display board, above the corresponding Octave button. Initially each badge is at level 0 (gray).

As your Test results improve against each octave, the badges are promoted through level 1 (white), level 2 (green), level 3 (blue), level 4 (purple), level 5 (red), level 6 (orange) and finally level 7 (gold).

As an example, for the badge of octave 5 to be promoted from say level 2 to 3, (A) the Test session should have at least 3 octaves selected including octave 5, (B) there should not be any mistakes during the Test session on any of the octaves and (C) 12 questions from octave 5 should have been answered.

You can reset the Test statistics by clicking the Reset Test Stats button on the Stats screen.

Badges and stats are available only in the Pro version of the app.

Guest Mode

Guest Mode switch on the Stats screen prevents updates to the badges and statistics when selected. This is useful if you want to let another person attempt the test without affecting your test data.

When the Guest Mode is selected, the Reset Test Stats button will be automatically disabled to avoid any accidental data reset.

Guest Mode is available only in the Pro version of the app.

Important Notes

  • Perfect Pitch is a very rare skill which, as per the current understanding, has to be trained and acquired at a very young age, most preferably below 7. However recent studies suggest that individuals with higher general auditory working memory may be able to practice and improve pitch recognition abilities well beyond this critical period.
  • You will find a noticeable delay while playing through a bluetooth headset.
  • Out Privacy Policy is available here.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Contact Us form on this website to get in touch with us.

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